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Player, Team, and Roster Info

  1. Click log in button.

  2. Create Top Dog account.

  3. Fill in all fields with *red asterik (this does not have to be totally accurate ex. Birthdate).

  4. Click Submit, which takes you to your profile page.

  1. Log into the system.

  2. Go to the League Standings page and click on “Create Team” button.        

  3. Enter Captain’s name. if the captain isn’t in the system, you still need to add a new player first.

  4. Enter Co-captain. if applicable.

  5. Enter Home Facility where that team is going to play.

  6. Select Division.

  7. Confirm.

Adding Players To Your Roster on Top Dog:

  1. Log into the system.

  2. Go to your team page: to get to your team page on your "Profile Page", scroll down to the section 'Competitions' and click on your team name (Usually the first one on the page).

  3. Click on the Manage Roster tab, located above the team roster:

  4. Enter player’s last name in the search field, and hit Search. (Hint: you can also enter just the first four letters of the player’s last name.) If you can’t find the player in the database, refer to "Creating a Player Profile/Account" above. 

  5. To select the listed player, click on the circle to the left of the player’s name.

  6. Click on Save and Continue to add another player, or just Save And Exit.

  7. To return to the team page: Select Go Back to Team, top, left-hand side, below the Search option.

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