Leagues For Pickleball -- RULES



1) There are 2 lines (courts) of play required for each league match.

2) A match is 2 out of 3 games to 15 points - (win by 1 point0.

3) If the overall total match is tied, one win to one win, a super tiebreaker is played to determine winner.

4) Switch ends of court after each game; Spin for end if 3rd game is needed.

5) The only league ball requirement will be NEW balls, provided by the home team for courts 1 and 2. 

6) The preferred ball is Dura ball.  At least 2 balls per court is to be provided.

7) Should the match involve a super tiebreak, balls can be used from previous matches.


1) Captains from each team, choose one player from court 1 and one player from court 2.

2) The match tiebreak is played to 11 points (win by 1 point).

3) Spin to determine side, serve, receive or defer (winning team has the choice).

4) Switch ends of the court after multiples of 6 points (example: 4-2, 9-3, etc.)

5) The match is over when a team reaches 11 points.

6) Regard Mixed Super Tiebreak, the rule is the total level of the

players playing the super tiebreak, must not exceed the level of the league being played.  The captain must still pick a player from court 1 and court 2 to play the tiebreak match